Congratulations Aileen Newton

of Easton MA

with winning ticket 117!!

PLEASE NOTE: When ordering tickets you will be prompted to "Donate" a fee to our processor.

This can be adjusted up or down at your discretion by clicking into the dollar amount suggested.

Meet past winners of our

Car Raffle!

John Ruprecht of Kingston, MA is our latest winner!  It was a lot of fun setting John up with his new ride!  He still was having a hard time believing the Jeep was really his even as we took this pic.  


Enjoy John, It really is all yours!!






Meet Norm, from Westwood MA, 

Our 2018 Grand Raffle Winner



Norm loved winning the Jeep!

Just look at that smile!


Sorry for the rainy day pick up Norm, but hey its a Jeep!

Meet Rene our 2017 winner!

"Still can't believe I won the car raffle!  Everyday on my way to work I would drive by the Camry situated on the Temple's lawn advertising the raffle.  One day I was feeling lucky and bought my raffle ticket.   The reaction from my family upon learning that I won a car was priceless.  The Camry has been great!"


Rene from Mansfield, MA with her              New 2017 Camry SE

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