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Raffle Rules

Temple Chayai Shalom Official Rules shall apply to this raffle.


1) Tickets must be purchased through this website and payment has to be processed by either credit or debit card. Any credit or debit card payment that is denied shall disqualify the pending purchase and any ticket issued for such purchase will be forfeited by the purchaser. And be null and void.  All online ticket sales shall be via the raffle website  All communication will be sent to the e-mail address provided by a purchaser as part of the purchase. Such communications shall include purchase confirmation and raffle ticket number (generally within 48 hours of purchase). Purchaser is required to provide to Temple Chayai Shalom & Raffle Coordinators (“Raffle Sponsor”) a valid, functioning e-mail address as well as a valid mailing address in the continental US. The Raffle Sponsor, its processing agent and their respective directors, officers, and members assume no responsibility for incorrect, invalid, terminated or non-functioning e-mail or mailing addresses or lost, incomplete, late, illegible, or undelivered entries or entries without complete, acceptable payment.


2) Once a ticket has been purchased, it is non-refundable except in event the raffle is cancelled in accordance with the raffle regulations of the Massachusetts Secretary of State.  Odds of winning depend on the number of tickets sold. (Minimum 150) If all tickets are sold, the odds of winning are 1:250 for the Grand Prize.  


3) The gross winnings of the raffle will be reported to the federal tax authorities  and the winner is responsible to pay Income Tax Withholding prior to taking the prize. Please consult with your own tax advisor.  Individuals may purchase as many tickets as they wish; however, only 250 tickets will be sold. Participants must be 18 years old or older.  


4) The raffle period will run from January 2023 through May 6th 2023 or until all 250 tickets are sold.  Each ticket will be numbered sequentially.  Ticket purchase deadlines, and drawing dates, times and locations, may be extended or changed at the Raffle Sponsor’s discretion, subject to approval of the Massachusetts Secretary of State.


5) Each online purchaser will be sent a ticket and receipt via e-mail that will identify the purchaser’s unique raffle ticket number(s). The original printed raffle ticket will be retained by the Raffle Sponsor and the stub entered into the drawing along with the stubs of all other tickets sold. U.S. Postal regulations prohibit the mailing of raffle tickets.


6) At the raffle drawing, the winning raffle ticket stub shall be chosen by picking it from a container containing all ticket stubs that has been thoroughly mixed. The drawing shall take place at Temple Chayai Shalom's Comedy Night to be held at Torny Lea Golf Club May 6th 2023. The winner does not need to be present at the drawing to win and if a new date is selected all purchasers will be notified by e-mail of new date.  Winner must satisfy Federal income taxes payable to Temple Chayai Shalom and claim prize within 30 days of notification of winning.  If winner fails to comply a new winner will be determined by the lot of tickets drawn the night of the drawing.  


7) The holder of the winning ticket shall be notified by telephone, e-mail or Certified U.S. Mail if need be at the address provided by the purchaser. The winning ticket number and name of the winner and their respective cities (but not addresses) shall also be placed on the Raffle web site immediately after the drawing. This information may also be publicized in other media sources.


8) By purchasing a ticket, the winner of the drawing shall consent to provide the Raffle Sponsor that he/she is eligible under these Rules and applicable laws; The winner is of legal age of 18 or older at time of purchase, winner must also provide social security number for taxation forms to be filed by Temple Chayai Shalom per Massachusetts State Law.  Furthermore, by purchasing ticket the winners agree to a release that the Raffle Sponsor’s has permission to use the winner’s name, city, state, and likeness in media releases and other publicity.


9) Purchasers of tickets, by participating in the raffle, release the Raffle Sponsor, its directors, officers, members and agents from any and all liability, loss or claim arising out of any raffle prize, expressly waive any such claim and agree that the liability, if any, of the Raffle Sponsor, its directors, officers, members and agents shall be limited to the raffle ticket price paid. In case of any dispute regarding the conduct of the raffle, the decision of the Raffle Sponsor shall be final. The courts of Bristol County, Massachusetts shall have exclusive jurisdiction and venue for any dispute concerning the raffle.


10) In the event less than 150 tickets are sold during the raffle sales duration, a decision by the Raffle Sponsor will be made to hold the drawing or not.  In the case the Raffle is canceled all monies shall be returned via the same Credit Card transaction used for purchase.


11) The raffle coordinators and their immediate family members (Spouse or children) are prohibited to purchase a raffle ticket. 


12) By submitting an entry, each purchaser acknowledges having read and agreed to abide by these Official Raffle Rules. 


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